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Tired of the limited functionality on LimeSpot? Learn why thousands of brands choose AfterSell over LimeSpot.

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The Ridge
Good American
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AfterSell vs LimeSpot

Why Choose AfterSell as an Alternative to LimeSpot?

Monthly price
$0 - $799
$15-$150+ (and 2% of revenue generated)
Unlimited offers
1-click offers
Flexible design
Precise targeting
A/B testing
Detailed analytics
AI recommendations
Edit thank you page
Robust discounting
Ease of use
Customizable widgets

As a Shopify store owner, you know what's best for your business - AfterSell is undeniably the premier LimeSpot alternative available!

Why is that? There are numerous factors that make this so. Let's start with the most important one.

While LimeSpot does have post purchase offers, these offers are not one click offers. And this proves to be one of the most significant drawbacks. A one click upsell allows customers to make the purchasing decision in one simple click — there is no need to input the payment information again! This saves customers time and effort, simplifies the buying process, and ultimately increases the performance of your post purchase offers. It's no surprise that a one click upsell provides far better conversion rates than other post purchase upsell types - in fact, it can be up to three times higher!

That is why top ecommerce brands like True Classic and Feastables have seen incredible success with AfterSell - their one click upsells have helped them grow revenue significantly!

Don't Take Our Word For It: Learn What Shopify Store Owners Are Saying After They Experienced The Power Of This LimeSpot Alternative!

We’re confident that once you give AfterSell a try, you'll recognize it as the superior solution over LimeSpot.

Still on the fence? Check out what our customers have to say about us:

“Fresh Patch was up and running after just one call with AfterSell. It’s so intuitive, and their team is extremely helpful and responsive. We particularly like the design customization options, and unique offer flows that can be set up with AfterSell.”

Fresh Patch

“Fantastic product, quick professional customer support and smooth experience overall. The best post purchase app I've encountered.”


"This a great app! Their support is really quick to reply, easy to understand, and it makes the overall experience way better. Highly recommend getting this app for your store!"


Frequently Asked Questions About Our LimeSpot Alternative

If you're unsure about using AfterSell to optimize your store, here are the answers to some of our most common questions:

What Exactly Makes AfterSell the #1 LimeSpot Alternative?

In addition to the advantages such as one click upsells, there are other features that set AfterSell and LimeSpot. For example, with AfterSell you can run split tests on upsells in order to determine which offer yields better returns.

AfterSell goes beyond Limespot by offering customers more flexibility with dynamic offers. If a customer declines the first offer, they're provided with an additional one - so they can select from numerous options. This is something that's not present in other e-commerce software solutions and it really allows you to create tailored experiences for each customer! It also includes powerful discounting capabilities which give you extra options when it comes to pricing.

Ready to revolutionize your business by introducing AfterSell? Unlike its competitor, LimeSpot, it offers a remarkable 30-day free trial, requires limited setup time, and has a positive ROI guarantee. Try out AfterSell now and find out why it's the leading choice for those looking to maximize their profits with upselling strategies. Don't wait - experience the advantages of this revolutionary technology today!

Are You Offering Assistance or Customer Service During the Onboarding Process?

Optimize your Average Order Value (AOV) quickly and efficiently with AfterSell. Our platform is intuitive, making it easy to use even for individuals who don't have technical knowledge and skills. If you ever need help getting started, simply contact our experienced customer service team through in-app live chat or email and they'll be more than happy to assist you.

How Does AfterSell Measure Up Against Other Alternatives to LimeSpot?

AfterSell offers a plethora of ways to raise your Average Order Value, and is the most ideal choice. Through its innovative post-purchase features, this solution ensures that you can enhance your profits without any hassle. Discover what makes us not only the optimal alternative to LimeSpot, but also an ideal Zipify alternative, Carthook alternative, Checkout Promotions alternative, AOVBoost alternative, UpsellPlus alternative, Sweet Upsell alternative, Bold Upsell alternative and OrderBump alternative

How Can I Get Started With AfterSell Today?

Unlock the hidden potential of your store with AfterSell today. Our team is here to provide you a personalized demo, or if you prefer our application can be directly downloaded from the Shopify App Store. So don't wait any longer in improving your Average Order Value and take advantage of AfterSell now!

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