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Tired of paying for restricted functionality on AOVboost? Learn why thousands of brands choose AfterSell as the #1 alternative to AOVboost.
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Powering upsell offers for 5000+ of your favorite brands

AfterSell vs AOVboost

Why Choose AfterSell as Your AOVBoost Alternative?

AfterSell Checkout


Monthly price
Unlimited offers
Multi product offers
Flexible design
Precise targeting
A/B testing
Detailed analytics
AI recommendations
Testimonials widget
Urgency timer widget
Trust badges widget
Content widgets
The difference between our post-purchase and checkout offer software is clear. Check out the comparison below to see why our Shopify upsell at checkout or post-purchase is superior:

As you can see, the price you pay for AfterSell is a fraction of what you’ll pay for AOVBoost. And while it’s typically true that you get what you pay for with software, this is one of the few exceptions.

AfterSell offers a far more flexible design interface to help you build offers that match the style and tone of your unique brand. You’ll be able to create more congruent offers that help convert more prospects and generate a higher AOV. AfterSell also allows for precise targeting so you can tailor offers to specific segments. This helps you get the most bang for your buck with each offer. 

Moreover, our solution is integrated with A/B testing to help you improve your offers over time. You’ll also gain personalized AI recommendations on building and optimizing your offers over time. And when it comes to the specific widgets you can add to your checkout or post-purchase page, you have far more options with AfterSell. That includes testimonials, urgency, trust badges, and content. 

All of this is included at the low price of $99. Why pay more for less functionality? Your business needs a complete checkout solution - and this is it. You don’t have to take our word for it, either…

What Others Think of AfterSell’s Alternative to AOVBoost

Several thousand eCommerce business owners are enjoying the additional revenue driven by AfterSell!

Learn what a few have shared about their experience:
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"After searching through many apps I found this one to be the best all around. It is easy to set up and looks amazing! Support is awesome!"
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AfterSell Customer
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“AfterSell is literally a tap which we can turn on to drive much higher AOV and overall value to customers - it lets us throttle inventory and get more MrBeast bars in people's hands.”
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AfterSell Customer
"We got some sales within a couple of hours of installing AfterSell. The app is super easy to use and it’s the easiest money I’ve made in my career. Give it a try!"
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FAQs on our AOVBoost Alternative

Still on the fence about AfterSell’s alternative to AOVBoost? We’ve put together a list of some of the most common questions we get asked about our Shopify post purchase upsell app and checkout upsell app - and why it’s the right choice for you and your business.

Is AfterSell Really a Superior Alternative to AVOBoost?

Yes. Our checkout offer optimization software is more than half the price of AOVBoost and features superior functionality and capabilities. You’ll have an easier time designing, building, and optimizing your offers. When comparing the two side by side from an ROI standpoint, the answer is obvious: choose AfterSell.

Is There Any Support for Getting Started?

One of the biggest advantages of AfterSell that we haven’t even mentioned yet is our customer service team. We’re passionate about helping you drive the highest ROI possible through our solution. As such, we’ve designed it for ease of use. But should you need any help getting started, customizing your offers, or split testing to improve performance over time - don’t hesitate to reach out.

What About AfterSell Compared to Other AOVBoost Alternatives?

Business owners have more options than ever when it comes to maximizing their AOV through checkout upsells and post-purchase offers. And even still, AfterSell stands alone as the #1 choice. We’re also the premier Zipify alternative, Carthook alternative, Rebuy alternative, Checkout Promotions alternative, and even UpSellPlus alternative

How Do I Get Started Today?

You should be convinced by now that there is no better alternative to AOVBoost than AfterSell. And now, you’re just a few clicks away from experiencing the power of our solution. To get started today, book a demo or find us in the Shopify app store.

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