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Tired of paying for restricted functionality on OrderBump? Learn why thousands of brands choose AfterSell over OrderBump.
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Powering upsell offers for 5000+ of your favorite brands

AfterSell vs OrderBump

What Makes AfterSell the #1 OrderBump Alternative?

AfterSell Checkout

OrderBump Checkout

Monthly price
Unlimited offers
Multi product offers
Flexible design
Precise targeting
A/B testing
Detailed analytics
AI recommendations
Testimonials widget
Urgency timer widget
Trust badges widget
Content widgets
AfterSell is the premier choice for business owners like yourself seeking an OrderBump alternative. The difference is clear - just take a look below and see how our Shopify post purchase upsell and checkout upsell app compares to OrderBump:

When you choose AfterSell checkout over OrderBump, you don’t just get monthly price savings that you can use towards other software or advertising needs for your business. You get a more flexible design to help customize your offers in a congruent manner with the rest of your store. OrderBump offers can look out-of-place to customers - leaving them questioning their decision to shop with you. You won’t worry about that with AfterSell.

Moreover, our Shopify upsell at checkout solution supports precise targeting - so you get the right offers in front of the right customers. And, A/B testing & offer creation just got a whole lot easier as AfterSell provides AI recommendations along the way.

The number of widgets you gain access to through AfterSell far exceeds OrderBump. You get widgets for testimonials, urgency, trust badges, and content. What more could you ask for in an alternative to OrderBump?

Our Customers Say it Best - Check Out These Testimonials for our Order Bump Alternative:

Thousand of eCommerce business owners are seeing substantial lifts in AOV with AfterSell! See what other AfterSell merchants have said about their experience:
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“Great product with great support. New features coming out all the time. I am at over 6k% ROI on this one. Get it on your store TODAY.”
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Boogie Bikes
AfterSell Customer
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“Such a powerful app to boost our AOV. We’re super happy with all of the features and support we get for the price. The app pays for itself and makes us so much more.”
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Supplement Brand
AfterSell Customer
People on computer
“Super awesome app that WILL make you money. Not to mention they've got a superstar support team that will go above and beyond! Would definitely recommend any growing brand to give them a shot."
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Love Iguehi
AfterSell Customer

FAQs About Our Alternative to OrderBump

If you’re still not quite sold on our alternative to OrderBump, or simply want to learn more about what makes AfterSell so special, browse some of the frequently asked questions below.

Is AfterSell Really the Premier Alternative to OrderBump - or Other Software, for That Matter?

By now you should be convinced - AfterSell is the #1 Order Bump alternative. Our app costs less while allowing you to do more. With a more flexible design, a suite of widgets you otherwise wouldn’t have access to, and unparalleled customer service, it doesn’t get any better than this.

And, while it’s true that our solution is the superior alternative to OrderBump - that’s not all. Quite honestly, it’s the best alternative to any other upsell or cross-sell app. That includes UpsellPlus alternative, Carthook alternative, AOVBoost alternative, Zipify alternative, Rebuy alternative, and Checkout Promotions alternative.

What All Can I Do With AfterSell?

Our app is the #1 solution for Shopify store owners looking to improve their cross-sell or upsell strategy. Whether you’re looking to learn about how to edit thank you page on Shopify or you want to customize Shopify checkout page - AfterSell can help. This powerful app will boost your AOV in a simple, affordable, and cohesive manner. 

What are the Steps to Getting Started With Our Order Bump Alternative?

You have two options - book a demo and our support staff will guide you through how the app works and get started. Or, you can download it yourself directly from the Shopify app store and walk through the setup wizard. It’s that easy!

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