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AfterSell vs Bold Upsell

Why Choose AfterSell as an Alternative to Bold Upsell?

Monthly price
$0 - $799
Bold Upsell
Unlimited offers
1-click offers
Flexible design
Precise targeting
A/B testing
Detailed analytics
AI recommendations
Edit thank you page
Robust discounting
Ease of use
Customizable widgets

AfterSell has quickly become the go-to Bold Upsell alternative for Shopify store owners like yourself - and with good reason!

So, why is this the case? There's many reasons!

One reason that makes AfterSell the clear choice is the design control it provides. Unlike Bold Upsell, AfterSell allows you to add an array of widgets directly on the post purchase page. This includes timers, image & text, reviews, and more. With AfterSell setup takes only five minutes and you have access to choose from pre-made funnel templates.

Bold Upsell only allows offers to be triggered based on two basic parameters: product and cart value. With AfterSell you have more precise trigger options that allow for deeper control. For example, AfterSell allows offers to be triggered on customer tags, discount codes, UTM parameters, languages, and currencies to name a few.

Another notable difference that holds Bold Upsell back is its lack of checkout upsells and thank you page upsells.  AfterSell allows you to use customize both the order confirmation thank you page and checkout page, which are two additional valuable places to upsell and optimize.

Finally, AfterSell is the clear winner when it comes to customer support. Looking at Bold's reviews, you can see that the customer support can at times be lacking. AfterSell has a 4.9/5 star review on the app store while Bold has a 4.6/5 star review. AfterSell's team is always happy to provide technical support and expert setup onboarding to help you start boosting AOV as soon as possible.

In conclusion, looking at all of the factors above, it’s clear why so many Shopify owners have switched from Bold Upsell to AfterSell. With AfterSell, you have access to far greater functionality, design control, and customer support than Bold Upsell can offer.

Don't Take Our Word For It - Find Out What Other Shopify Store Owners Are Saying After Using This Powerful Alternative to Bold Upsell.

Merchants have shared over 500+ positive reviews about their experience with AfterSell, here's a few:

“Fresh Patch was up and running after just one call with AfterSell. It’s so intuitive, and their team is extremely helpful and responsive. We particularly like the design customization options, and unique offer flows that can be set up with AfterSell.”

Fresh Patch

“This a great app! Their support is really quick to reply, easy to understand, and it makes the overall experience way better. Highly recommend getting this app for your store!”


"First time I'm rating any app on Shopify and it's been over 4 years. This app is definitely a 5-star. Totally awesome and improved my order value by almost double."

Anime Wise

Frequently Asked Questions About Our Alternative to Bold Upsell

Unsure if our post-purchase upsell and cross-sell solution is right for you? Let us ease your mind and answer any of your questions.

How Else Do AfterSell and  Bold Upsell Differ?

Beyond the major advantages of AfterSell over Bold Upsell, there are a few other differences that set them apart. For instance, with AfterSell you can run A/B tests on upsells to easily decide which offer is more effective.

AfterSell also allows you to show a series of offers. If the customer declines the first offer, no worries – they will be presented with a second offer. This is an excellent way to give customers more options to choose from. Dynamic offers is another area where AfterSell differs from Bold Upsell. With AfterSell, you can craft personalized offers that automatically change to reflect the customer's prior purchases — like adding another unit of their most expensive product they've purchases. Robust discounting capabilities is another area where AfterSell stands out. With AfterSell, you can apply various types of discounts — giving you additional flexibility when it comes to pricing.

Looking to add upsells to your business? Look no further than AfterSell! Not only do we offer a 30 day free trial—16 days more than Bold Upsell's 14-day demo period—but you won't have to stress over any initial costs. Experience the results of AfterSell today and see why it's superior solution for upselling.

Do You Offer Onboarding Help or Customer Support When Starting?

With AfterSell, you can begin boosting AOV on the first day you set up. Our platform is user-friendly and simple - no matter your technical understanding or skill level. If you ever need assistance to get started, let us know! An experienced customer service team member is ready to help you get set up.

How Does AfterSell Stand When Looking At Other Alternatives to Bold Upsell?

With an abundance of opportunities available to grow your Average Order Value, AfterSell is the standout choice. With effective post-purchase features, this solution helps you increase profits with ease. Learn more about what makes us not just the best Bold Upsell alternative - but also the best Zipify alternative, Carthook alternative, Checkout Promotions alternative, AOVBoost alternative, UpsellPlus alternative, Sweet Upsell alternative, and OrderBump alternative

How Can I Start Using AfterSell Now?

Unlock your store's full potential today using AfterSell! Our team is excited to provide you with a personalized demo, or alternatively, we are now available for download directly from the Shopify App Store. So go ahead and boost your Average Order Value today!

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