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Tired of paying for restricted functionality on UpsellPlus? Learn why thousands of brands choose AfterSell as the #1 alternative to UpsellPlus.
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Powering upsell offers for 5000+ of your favorite brands

AfterSell vs UpsellPlus

What Makes AfterSell the Premier Alternative to UpsellPlus?

AfterSell is a more seamless and effective solution for powering your upsell offers than UpsellPlus.

It offers more precise targeting, a superior A/B testing solution, and unparalleled customer service. And, our solution comes equipped with a larger suite of widgets to boost the capabilities of your upsell or cross-sell efforts.

The difference is clear. Take a look below and see why more brands prefer AfterSell as their UpsellPlus alternative when seeking an upsell app for Shopify:

AfterSell Checkout


Monthly price
Unlimited offers
Multi product offers
Flexible design
Precise targeting
A/B testing
Detailed analytics
AI recommendations
Testimonials widget
Urgency timer widget
Trust badges widget
Content widgets
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"After searching through many apps I found this one to be the best all around. It is easy to set up and looks amazing! Support is awesome!"
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AfterSell Customer
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“Incredible customer service and already seeing ROI in just a few weeks. Would absolutely recommend this to other businesses looking to increase revenue from existing customers.”
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Coalition Snow
AfterSell Customer
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"Nice, clean interface. Responsive support within two minutes. Best Upsell app I’ve had the pleasure of using."
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Fisher’s Popcorn
AfterSell Customer

Frequently Asked Questions About Our UpsellPlus Alternative

At this point, it’s clear to see why AfterSell is the #1 solution for Shopify upsell at checkout. Now, it’s time to see what it can do for you and your store. But if you still have a few questions before getting started, keep reading.

What Exactly Separates AfterSell from UpsellPlus?

If you’re still not quite convinced that AfterSell is the better solution, let us ask you a question. Why would you pay more for lower functionality? 

With our upsell and cross-sell app, you gain more control over building your offers. And, we can help you show the right offers to the right people with a sophisticated targeting engine. This maximizes the results of your efforts and ensures the best customer journey. 

But the biggest difference between our solution and the other guys is that AfterSell checkout does more than just upsells. With our variety of content widgets, such as testimonials, timers, trust badges, and more, you can improve your checkout conversion rate.

Is AfterSell a Better Solution Than Other UpsellPlus Alternatives as Well?

There are so many different upsell apps on the market - making it harder than ever to choose among the countless options. While there is no doubt that AfterSell is superior than UpsellPlus, how does it stack up against the rest of the competition? It’s still the #1 choice!

Store owners like yourself consider AfterSell to be the best
Rebuy alternative, Zipify alternative, Checkout Promotions alternative, OrderBump alternative, AOVBoost alternative, and even Carthook alternative.

What Can AfterSell Do For Me? 

When you integrate AfterSell into your store, you make it easier than ever to offer upsells and cross-sells throughout your store. This boosts revenue to new heights while maximizing the customer lifetime value in your store, and creating an amazing experience for customers along the way.

You can learn how to customize Shopify checkout, or edit the Shopify thank you page. You can even create order bumps on Shopify. The possibilities are endless with AfterSell. And with A/B testing to help you push better performance with each iteration, it keeps getting better over time!

Does AfterSell Work for My Specific Type of Store?

No matter what your Shopify store is selling, AfterSell can provide you with a substantial boost in revenue and help you create a better customer experience. So, yes - AfterSell will work for your specific type of store.

With that said, some of the most common industries you’ll find our software integrated into are apparel, food & drink, beauty & cosmetics, pets, supplements, toys & games, and electronics.

How Can I Get Started With AfterSell Today?

Good question - you’re just a few clicks away from maximizing the potential of your Shopify store.

To get started, head over to the app store and integrate our solution into your storefront. It’s very straightforward from there! We’ve created a simple, seamless process for getting integrated and building your offers. But, if you have any questions before getting started, while attempting integration, or simply want us to walk you through the process, we’re here to help. Request a demo today!

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