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Checkout Promotions Alternatives

Set up Offers in Minutes - Not Hours!

Tired of spending hours setting up offers on Checkout Promos? Learn why thousands of brands choose AfterSell over Checkout Promos.
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Powering upsell offers for 5000+ of your favorite brands

AfterSell vs Checkout Promotions

The Advantage of Our Checkout Promotions Alternative is Clear

Setting up offers in our post purchase upsell Shopify app is far easier and faster compared to Checkout Promotions. But, that’s just one of the many advantages our solution offers - see how AfterSell compares below…


Checkout Promos

Monthly price
$0 - $799
$0 - $750
Unlimited offers
Second Upsell
Thank You Page Customization
Precise targeting
A/B testing
Detailed analytics
AI recommendations
Funnel setup insights
Robust discounting
Ease of use
Dynamic upsells
Beyond just ease of use, our solution offers something that Checkout Promotions doesn’t: a second upsell. Research shows that a multi-step funnel is the best way to convert users through upsells and maximize AOV.

This alone is reason enough to choose our Shopify upsells solution. And it gets better. You can customize Shopify thank you page to offer more upsells, show customer testimonials, display frequeny asked questions, and more. 

While Checkout Promotions does offer A/B testing and detailed analytics, AfterSell takes things a step further. You get funnel setup insights and AI recommendations to push maximum performance. Over time, your offers will convert better and at a higher dollar amount. 

See What Business Owners Like You Said About Our Checkout Promotions Alternative…

Thousands of merchants have seen astounding results with AfterSell! Here is what a few merchants have shared about their experience:
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“This is the best Post Purchase App on Shopify by far. You have everything that you need. I would recommend AfterSell 100%!”
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AfterSell Customer
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“I can only say that I wish all Shopify apps were made this way.”
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AfterSell Customer
“We started using AfterSell as a test to see if we can increase our AOV with upsells. But it worked so well that it’s a core part of our upselling strategy now!”
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Apparel Brand
AfterSell Customer

Frequently Asked Questions About our Alternative to Checkout Promotions

There’s no question - our alternative to Checkout Promotions is as good as it gets. Still not quite convinced? Not sure how to get started? We’ve compiled some of the most frequently asked questions about our solution below:

What Exactly Separates AfterSell from Checkout Promotions?

The #1 difference between AfterSell’s solution and Checkout Promotions is the ease of use. You’ll find it far easier to get AfterSell integrated into your store and build your initial offers. The process takes minutes - not hours, like Checkout Promos.

Beyond the ease of use our software provides, you gain valuable benefits like thank you page customization, dynamic upsells, and AI recommendations with funnel setup insights.

But perhaps one of the biggest advantages of our Checkout Promotions alternative? Our customer support staff. Our team is on standby to guide you through a demo or help you with setup & optimization after the fact.

Is AfterSell the Right Checkout Promos Alternative for My Business?

Chances are, yes - our solution is the right choice for you. We’re trusted by over 5,000+ brands across a variety of industries. From beauty and cosmetics to food and drink, pets, supplements, toys and games, electronics - you name it, our software is equipped to support your niche.

So, AfterSell is Better than Checkout Promotions…What About Other Alternatives?

Shopify checkout page customization has become easier than ever thanks to the advancement in tech and software. However, this also means there are more options than ever for upsell apps. All this can get overwhelming as you try and find “the best” solution. Fortunately, you needn’t look any further - this is it!

AfterSell is the premier choice for all things Shopify upsell at checkout and post-purchase. Our app is the best Zipify alternative, Carthook alternative, AOVBoost alternative, Rebuy alternative, UpsellPlus alternative, and even OrderBump alternative

I’m Sold - How Do I Get AfterSell Integrated into My Business Today?

There are two options - you can book a demo and our staff will guide you through the process with personalized support. Or, you can find our software in the Shopify App Store and install it yourself. You’re just a few clicks away from increasing your AOV and strengthening brand loyalty - don’t delay any longer!

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