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Irresistible post purchase offers.

AfterSell’s Shopify upsell app helps brands create powerful post purchase offers to boost sales by 30%.

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Powering upsell offers for 4000+ of your favorite brands

Build offers

Precise targeting.

Make unlimited post purchase upsell offers on Shopify using our precise customer targeting engine for deep personalization.
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Customize offers

Always on brand.

Save hours of development work with our templates and simple editor to create branded offers.

Analyze offers

Actionable insights.

Track important metrics for your post purchase offers and run A/B tests to learn, iterate, and improve.
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Feastables by MrBeast

Feastables sold 80,000 more MrBeast bars in 3 weeks.

Watch Brand

21% post purchase upsell conversion rate for a global watch brand.

Supplements Brand

$150,000+ generated for a supplements store.


The world’s top apparel brands use AfterSell to sell more. Use our eye-catching widgets to build the perfect layouts for your products.

Beauty & cosmetics

AfterSell’s editor and widgets support great use cases for beauty & cosmetics brands. Offer samples, complementary products, and more.

Food & drink

Use AfterSell’s precise targeting features and A/B testing capabilities to target with deep personalization and find the right product for the right craving.

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