Fresh Patch is one of the most successful pet brands in North America. They sell hydroponically grown, grass pads for pets of all kinds. Their products are high quality and most of all: pets love them!

In 2015, Andrew Feld from Fresh Patch went onto Shark Tank to pitch the Sharks his business. At the time, Fresh Patch was already a successful business with over $1 million in sales. Fresh Patch secured a deal with Barbara Corcoran and Mark Cuban on the show! Watch their full pitch here.

After a few years, as Fresh Patch was looking to scale, they looked at AfterSell as a way to help!

The Challenge

Flexible & effective post purchase upsells

Fresh Patch was just looking for a way to boost AOV through post purchase upsells. They tried some alternatives without much success.

“We used BOLD Upsell for a while. But, the experience was a bit clunky for our customers and we felt limited with how we could display these offers. We also tried Ezra Firestone’s Zipify OCU that we never got working properly and it actually left some problematic code on our site that disrupted the checkout process for a couple of weeks.”
— Laurie Feld

The Solution

AfterSell to the rescue

“Fresh Patch was up and running after just one call with AfterSell. It’s so intuitive, and their team is extremely helpful and responsive. We particularly like the design customization options, and unique offer flows that can be set up with AfterSell.”

Using AfterSell, Fresh Patch has already generated over $20,000 in additional revenue! They used AfterSell to launch a brand new product to their existing customer base. This was incredibly successful. Today, Laurie and Andrew are continuing to use AfterSell and are finding new ways to use the product to unlock more opportunities for their business.

“Fresh Patch launched a new 'Starter-Set Product' through AfterSell and sold 235 units in just 3 months. We also use AfterSell to remind customers to add a needed tray accessory if it's not already in their order. This has cut back on the number of calls our customer service team typically managed regarding this accessory need.”

The Results

  • 14% conversion rate
  • +$38 average upsell value
  • 500+ additional units sold

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