Jimmy Donaldson aka MrBeast has built one of the largest audiences on the internet — becoming the HIGHEST paid YouTube star ever.

Now, he’s launched a new brand: Feastables, with a mission to “change the way you snack”. The MrBeast bars come in 3 flavours and all of them promise:

  • organic ingredients
  • no artificial flavours
  • ingredients you can pronounce

The Challenge

Selling more almond!

With such a strong brand, the Feastables launch on January 29th, 2022 was a HUGE success! But, there was one simple problem: the almond chocolate wasn’t selling as much as the team had thought. This was problematic for 2 reasons:

  1. food product inventory can’t sit for long
  2. almond was the predicted favourite: this could impact repeat purchases
“We knew people would love our Almond Chocolate, yet it was not selling as high during our launch as we had thought - so loading up Almond in our AfterSell post-purchase flows to even it out instantly drove a huge increase in SKU splits, which also really helped us with inventory levelling and ensuring we sold through product.”
— Ben Acott (Product & Growth)

The Solution

AfterSell’s highly effective post-purchase funnels!

“AfterSell is literally a tap which we can turn on to drive way higher AOV and overall value to customers - it lets us throttle inventory and get more MrBeast bars in peoples hands.”

Within just hours of setting up AfterSell, 100 bars were sold instantly! With a conversion rate of 20%+, MrBeast bars are flying off the shelf using AfterSell.

AfterSell and the Feastables team are working together to build more upsells offers to increase the output even more! We’re already thinking of new ways to sell more MrBeast bars and keep boosting post purchase revenues.

The Results

  • 23% conversion rate
  • +$20 average upsell value
  • 80,000+ ADDITIONAL MrBeast bars sold