True Classic Tees are a premium D2C apparel company that’s known for producing top-of-the-line, high quality T-shirts for men and women. Their style is made for people of all sizes and body types — with superior comfort and quality, no one can go wrong with a True Classic Tee!

The Challenge

Looking for ways to sell new categories and increase AOV

With such a dominant presence in the t-shirt landscape, True Classic was looking to move into new apparel categories. This would help them increase their AOV and support their already flourishing social ad campaigns.

“Our up/cross selling on site wasn't as effective as we hoped for it to be, so we were looking for additional ways to monetize our website sessions.” — Ben Yahalom (President, True Classic)

The Solution

High performing AfterSell Upsell Funnels

“AfterSell offered a quick & easy solution for us to generate incremental revenue from our customers without introducing additional checkout friction.”

Within a week, True Classic was generating thousands of dollars in incremental revenue per day. Alongside this, they were also pushing product in a new category and driving up their AOV.

True Classic has been able to drastically improve their AOV and expand into new categories using AfterSell. Now, the AfterSell and True Classic teams are working on helping with international expansion of the AfterSell program, and thinking of new ways to boost AOV and post purchase revenue.

The Results

  • +$35 average upsell value
  • $500k+ in incremental revenue generated

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