Gizio prides themselves in creating “engaging eCommerce experiences that sell”. Their work is superb and you can find more information on their work here.

For one of their clients, they turned to AfterSell to deliver on their promise of building out incredible eCommerce experiences.

The Challenge

Post purchase upsells for Shopify Plus

Gizio was looking to implement post purchase upsells for their Shopify Plus client. However, their existing solution was not viable anymore due to changes in the Shopify ecosystem and general dissatisfaction with the tool.

“My client used CartHook to handle the post purchase experience for a couple of years, but the version they were using shut down and we weren't very happy with it anyway. To keep the sales funnel-like functionality, I started looking for alternatives. That's when I found AfterSell.”
— David Stack

The Solution

AfterSell’s seamless post purchase upsells

“I chose to use AfterSell for my client because of the stellar reviews in the Shopify app store. After installing the app, I spoke with AfterSell's customer success team and had such a wonderful experience that I knew I made the right decision.”

Using AfterSell, Gizio added over $400k in additional revenue for their client. They’ve been using AfterSell for over 8 months and are extremely happy with the extra revenue that’s being brought in. Furthermore, AfterSell requires limited involvement from them as an agency due to the simplicity of the tool.

AfterSell is a stellar solution for any agencies looking to run a post purchase upselling campaign for their client. We offers hands-on, technical support for agencies looking to setup post purchase upsells for their clients.

“The additional revenue that AfterSell has driven for my client is basically free money. After the quick initial setup, it's been running on autopilot for over 8 months, bringing in thousands of dollars a day!”

The Results

  • 10% conversion rate
  • +$94 average upsell value
  • 4000+ additional items sold

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