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How to Make a One Page Checkout on Shopify: Step by Step Guide

How to Make a One Page Checkout on Shopify: Step by Step Guide

Are you looking to make the checkout process on your Shopify store faster and easier for your customers?

If so, then you may be considering implementing a one page checkout. In this blog post, we'll discuss what a one page checkout is and how you can set one up on your Shopify store.

By the end of this post, you'll have all the information you need to decide if a one page checkout is right for your business. Let's get started!

What is a Shopify One Page Checkout?

A one-page checkout is a shopping experience designed to make online purchases as easy and fast as possible.

By condensing the checkout process, customers can quickly enter their order information on one page and submit it for processing. Instead of having to fill out multiple pages with billing, shipping, and payment information, shoppers need to only enter the necessary details once on a single page.

For example, Australian accessories brand Bellroy provides a clean and simplified one page checkout experience. As you can see, all the fields are easily accessed and the purchase can be completed with the click of a single "complete order" button.

Bellroy One Page Checkout

Another common style of one page checkout is the accordion-style. This type of checkout condenses the fields into multiple tabs or sections, allowing customers to click on each tab to access and complete the required information.

For instance, sports equipment company Under Armour has implemented this style of one page checkout.

One Page Checkout Under Armour

The Pros and Cons of Using a One Page Checkout for Your Shopify store

Implementing a one page checkout to your Shopify store can have it's advantages but also has some drawbacks.

One of the biggest pros of this type of layout is that it helps to streamline the purchasing process, allowing customers to add items to their cart and complete their purchase in just one seamless step. This in turn can help boost your conversion rates.

Additionally, it can help improve customer satisfaction. By providing customers with a smooth checkout process, they can quickly and easily complete their orders without having to fill out multiple pages of forms. Customers are likely to be drawn in by the visually appealing layout of the single page. This will increase the likelihood of customers coming back to your store in the future.

The main con of using a one page checkout is that it may be more difficult for customers to find certain pieces of information due to the condensed nature of the layout. Since all the information is typically on one page, customers have to scroll up and down to locate what they need. If poorly executed, this can have the opposite of the desired effect leading to confusion and frustration, and ultimately resulting in abandoned carts. However, careful design and customization can help ensure your one page checkout is both concise and comprehensive, leading to an improved customer experience overall.

How to Make Sure Your Checkout is Optimized for Conversions

Before explaining how to set up a one page checkout, it's important to make sure that your existing customer journey, specifically the areas surrounding checkout, are optimized for conversions.

The best way to ensure your checkout is achieving maximum efficiency, is to offer post purchase upsells, also commonly referred to as a one click upsell.

These are additional items or services customers can purchase after completing the checkout process. Think of this as a "frequently bought together" or "recommended product" offer that is shown to the customer right before the order confirmation page shows.

By offering post purchase upsells, you’ll be able to increase your average order value significantly and provide customers with a more complete shopping experience.

The most effective and affordable way to add post purchase upsells to your Shopify store is through using AfterSell. AfterSell powers post purchase upsell offers for 5000+ brands including KitchenAid, Miami Heat, and Good American. Learn more about AfterSell through our customer success stories.

How to Make a One Page Checkout on Shopify in Just a Few Steps

In the past, it was possible to utilize external shopify one page checkout apps to replace the Shopify checkout, however since early-2021 Shopify has banned such external checkout applications.

Currently, if you are utilizing a standard Shopify plan a one page checkout is not possible. However if you are on the Shopify Plus plan it is possible to do so.

Keep in mind that the Shopify Plus plan costs 2,000 USD per month, which is significantly more than the standard Shopify plan, so make sure you weigh the pros and cons of implementing a one page checkout before making the switch.

To set up a one page checkout on Shopify Plus, follow these steps:

1. Log in to your Shopify Plus store admin dashboard
2. Navigate to Online Store -> Themes
3. Edit HTML and CSS -> Add a new layout
4. Open up the drop-down box and select 'checkout' rather than 'theme'
5. Edit code

An experienced developer should be the one to handle this final step, as they have the skill and knowledge necessary to customize it according to your needs. This way you can confidently move forward towards achieving a checkout process that is perfectly tailored for your customers! Vetted Shopify developers can be found on platforms like Storetasker or HeyCarson to help you set up your Shopify Plus one page checkout.

If you decide not to proceed with a one page checkout, you can still make improvements to your checkout process by editing the default Shopify checkout. Read our guide on editing checkout to learn more about Shopify Plus Checkout Customization.

Is It The Right Choice: One Page Checkout Shopify

A one page checkout can be a great addition to your Shopify store because it simplifies the checkout process for customers, which can lead to more sales. However, there are some key considerations to keep in mind when considering implementing this.

Whether or not you decide to set up your very own one page shopify checkout, we recommend trying AfterSell for free for 30 days to see how it can help increase your AOV. Simply install on the Shopify App Store, or a book a demo through our website.

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