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9 Best Shopify Subscription Apps for 2023

August 2, 2023

9 Best Shopify Subscription Apps for 2023

The subscription business model has revolutionized the way businesses sell their products and services. It is one of the most sought after business models for entrepreneurs and established companies alike as it provides what all businesses are consistently searching for: recurring revenue.

Why is recurring revenue so great?

Well, with the cost of ads increasing, and the competitive landscape becoming more fierce, businesses need to look for new ways to retain customers. Subscriptions are an excellent solution as they turn one-time buyers into loyal monthly subscribers. Keep those customers coming back!

With the rise in popularity of the subscription model, Shopify merchants are now able to easily set up and manage their own subscriptions by using a Subscriptions app from the Shopify App Store. And with more than 70 subscription apps available on Shopify, there’s no shortage of solutions to choose from.

To help you make sense of the multitude of options at your disposal, we’ve compiled a list of the 9 best subscription apps for Shopify!

How Are We Choosing The Top Subscription Shopify App?

Finding the best app is no easy task! There are 100s of factors to look at from features, to customer reviews, and pricing. To help you make the best decision for your business, we’ve taken the following criteria into consideration when evaluating each app:

  • Ease of set up and usage (how easy is it to get started?)
  • Subscription portal (does it offer your customers the ability to manage their own subscription through swapping, adding, or deleting products?)
  • Subscription management (does the app offer features to help you manage your subscriptions easily and in one centralized location?)
  • Email & SMS updates (does the app offer automated and personalized emails or SMS on subscription status, delivery updates, and more?)
  • Pricing (is the app competitively priced?)
  • Integrations (can you connect your subscriptions app to other Shopify apps?)
  • Customer reviews (are people happy with the app?)
  • Support (can you get help quickly when needed?)

These criteria form the basis of our assessment, and each app was given a score out of 10 for each category. The apps that made it to our Best Shopify Subscriptions Apps list scored highest in all categories.

9 of The Top Subscriptions Apps for Shopify

Let’s get into it! Here are the 9 best Shopify subscription apps for 2023! Each of these apps has been thoroughly evaluated and tested in order to be featured on this list.

1. Loop Subscriptions

Loop Subscriptions App

At the top of our list is Loop, a Shopify subscriptions app that is well-designed, has fast loading widgets and even has the option to add TikTok/IG videos in your exit surveys. It allows you to automated & personalized subscription discounts, rewards, trials & gifts on different orders. They even have white glove migration from any app with account management & support (including phone, email & slack).

Key Features:

  • Mobile first & self-serve customer portal made to reduce customer tickets
  • No-code workflow builder to create personalized & gamified subscriptions
  • Setup & go live with bundles / subscription box in mins without developer help
  • Retention stack: Cancellation flows, surveys, reasons, discounts & reactivations
  • Stop losing money due to card failures with smart & tactical dunning management


Loop Subscriptions Pricing

Review Rating:  5.0 (100+ reviews)

2. Skio

Skio App Shopify

Skio states that they help you "sell subscriptions without ripping your hair out". And really, they do just that! This app offers a comprehensive set of features to help you create, manage, and grow your subscription business.

They make migrations easy, allowing you to move your existing subscription customers over without any headaches. Skio can even help reduce customer tickets by 25% with password-less login. They also provides a unique "group subscription" feature that lets you boost referrals by giving friends that subscribe together a group discount on every order.

They are not super affordable for new businesses or smaller stores, but they will be sure to deliver quality features and services if you can manage the cost.

Key Features:

  • Easily migrate from other platforms (done by their in-house Launch Engineering team)
  • Reduce customer tickets with passwordless login
  • Get best-in-class analytics for free (partnership with Source Medium)
  • Get new features quicker with a hosted subscription portal


Skio Pricing

Review Rating:  4.9 (100+ reviews)

3. Recharge

Recharge App

Recharge is feature-rich subscription app that offers everything you need to start and manage a successful subscription business from one centralized location. With just a few simple clicks, you can set up your subscriptions and start selling in minutes! You'll be delighted to know that ReCharge has several features to assist in improving customer engagement and maximizing customer lifetime value. Customers can effortlessly reschedule or skip their delivery on the customer portal, switch out products, receive immediate notifications on orders and payments - all with a hassle-free experience! They have robust integrations with many apps across the Shopify ecosystem which makes it easy to slot into your existing tech stack.

Key Features:

  • Customer Portal - Customize the interface of the store's customer portal.
  • RechargeSMS - Allow customers to manage their subscription via SMS.
  • Robust and Flexible API - Fully customize your subscription experience.
  • Build a box - Leverage Recharge Bundles for cross-sells and upsells.
  • Unified Checkout - Single checkout process no matter the contents of the cart.


Recharge Pricing

Review Rating:  4.7 (1300+ reviews)

4. Appstle

Appstle Shopify App

With their platform, customers have the ability to mix one-time purchases and subscriptions in their carts. They also provide inventory forecasting that enables merchants to sustain high levels of stock for popular items. Through reading their reviews, it’s clear that Appstle is consistently adding new innovative features, provies top tier customer support, and all-in-all makes running a subscription business easy!

Key Features:

  • Sell pay-as-you-go & prepaid subscriptions, with free trial, build-a-box, & more
  • Offer tiered discounts, custom shipping, gifts, & more with loyalty features
  • Present feature-rich customer portal with one click login & quick action links
  • Drive conversion with 'Appstle Menu': a shopper experience focused menu template
  • Maximize ROI with upsells, bundling, bulk automation, retention tools, & more


Appstle Pricing

Review Rating:  4.9 (1800+ reviews)

5. Seal Subscriptions

Seal Subscriptions App

All of their plans have zero transaction fees, and the flat fees they charge each month are very affordable. Seal Subscription is focussed on increasing customer lifetime value and satisfaction by enabling shoppers to mix various products in the same cart. Customers have the option of editing their subscriptions at any time, with flexibility to add or remove items as well as reschedule billing attempts easily from their user-friendly portal.

Key Features:

  • Sell classic & prepaid subscriptions, with discounts, free trial & more!
  • Offer tiered discounts, custom shipping, gifts, & more with loyalty features
  • Your customers can easily access subscriptions with magic links!
  • Get an insight in your business with great statistics, payment calendar and more
  • Use the whitelabel branding with a custom email domains!


Seal Subscriptions Pricing

Review Rating:  4.9 (600+ reviews)

6. PayWhirl

PayWhirl App

Key Features:

  • Save payment methods and offer subscription discounts with ease.
  • Reduce churn with subscription cancelation flows and automatic payment retries.
  • Communicate effectively with more than 10 customizable notifications.
  • Utilize powerful subscription analytics, churn statistics, and data exports.
  • Free migrations and us-based support via chat, email, or phone.


PayWhirl Pricing

Review Rating:  4.8 (150+ reviews)

7. Bold Subscriptions

Key Features:

  • Get subscriptions running in minutes! Every out-of-the-box feature you need.
  • Powerful customer portal that keeps subscribers happy, and subscribed!
  • Powerful APIs and Developer tools to build ANY subscription experience you like.
  • Cancellation flows and automatic dunning management help you retain subscribers.


Bold Subscriptions Pricing

Review Rating: 4.0 (250+ reviews)

8. Yotpo Subscriptions

Key Features:

  • 8 minute Onboarding. Add your new subscription offering with 5 easy steps.
  • Codeless management. Add and manage subscriptions without needing a tech wizard.
  • Passwordless customer login. Streamline management with a secured link to log in
  • 48-hour migration. Seamless white-glove migration with no downtime.
  • 24-hour support. Best-in-class 24/7 live chat customer support for all merchants


Yotpo Subscriptions Pricing

Review Rating: 4.8 (40+ reviews)

9. Smartrr

Smartrr Subscriptions App

Key Features:

  • Set up tailored out-of-the-box subscription programs in minutes.
  • Optimize For LTV with the market-leading customer account portal.
  • Personalize your customer experience with our first-of-its-kind Bundle Builder.
  • Reward customers with a loyalty program built-in to the customer account portal.
  • Partner with a dedicated customer success manager on migrations & setup.


Smartrr Pricing

Review Rating: 5.0 (30+ reviews)

Choosing the Best Shopify App For Subscriptions

When choosing the best shopify subscription app for your business, there are several factors to consider. Before making a decision, make sure you understand the features each app has and how they may benefit your business. Consider the pricing structure of each platform as well as any extra customer service or tech support offered. Additionally, consider review ratings from both customers and industry professionals to get the best overall picture of each app. With so many options available, it can be a daunting task to choose the best shopify subscription app for your business - but with this guide you'll be able to make an informed decision that will have long-term benefits.

Ultimately, choosing the right subscription app on shopify will depend on what features you need and what your budget is. We hope this guide has provided you with the information needed to make an informed decision for your business. Thank you for taking the time to review our list of the 9 Best Shopify Subscriptions Apps. Good luck in selecting the perfect one!

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