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5 Best Shopify Quiz Apps in 2023 - Top Product Recommendation Quiz App

February 16, 2024

5 Best Shopify Quiz Apps in 2023 - Top Product Recommendation Quiz App

Regardless of whether you're starting a new ecommerce store or are running a multi-8 figure store, having a shopping quiz can be one of the most effective ways to engage customers and increase conversions.

Quizzes help to draw attention in the sea of online stores and ads. They make customers feel involved, while also providing valuable information about what products customers are interested in.

With the right Shopify Quiz, you can create quizzes for your store that will capture customer data and make impeccable product recommendations.

In this article, we’ll take a look at the 5 best Shopify Quiz apps in 2023 that you should consider.

These quizzes will help generate more leads and sales, while providing customers with a personalized shopping experience. Let's get started!

What is a Shopify Product Quiz App?

A product quiz app is an online marketing tool used to create interactive quizzes that can be embedded in your ecommerce store.

Such apps provide you with a way to quickly capture customer data and insights, while at the same time providing customers with an engaging shopping experience.

Plus, quizzes perform well with modern shoppers, who are often looking for an exciting way to interact with the product and make their experience more enjoyable.

For example, an A/B test found that online shoppers that were prompted to use a quiz were able to generate over 22 percent more sales than those who didn’t see a quiz!

So, if you're not using Shopify Product Quiz apps yet, you could be missing out on extra sales. Now let’s take a look at the 5 best ones available in 2023.

How To Choose The Top Product Quiz App on Shopify?

Choosing the best Shopify quiz app can be a daunting task. After all, there are dozens of apps available in the Shopify App Store and it can be hard to decide which one is right for your store.

That’s why it’s important to consider the features and capabilities each app has before you make your decision.

To help you out, we’ve compiled a list of the top selection criteria to consider when choosing a product quiz app:

  • User-friendly Interface: Make sure that the app has an easy-to-use interface so you can easily set up and modify quizzes AND customers can easily answer questions and complete the quiz.
  • Data capture capabilities: It is essential that the app has data capture capabilities so you can capture customer data from the quiz.
  • Integrations: Integrating with additional marketing tools allows you to easily leverage customer data across multiple platforms.
  • Price: Consider price ranges to make sure you’re getting the features you need at a price that fits your budget. Generally, apps that have generous free plans for lower volume stores are worth considering. Apps that don't require payment until you're making consistent sales shows that the developer is confident about their product.
  • Reviews: Look for reviews from existing customers to make sure the app performs well and provides good value.
  • Outstanding Customer Support: Make sure the app provider has outstanding customer support so you can get help when needed.

Now that we know what to look for, let’s take a look at our top 5 recommendations below.

What are the 5 Best Quiz Apps For Shopify?

1. Lantern by App Attic

Starting off the list, with the number one spot, is Lantern!

This powerful app is packed with features that will make running quizzes on your store a breeze.

This app has made the number #1 spot because it has...

  • An intuitive drag-and-drop builder for creating personalized quiz experiences
  • Advanced design control through the editor OR through code (with free technical support available to help at every step of the creation process)
  • Advanced data capture capabilities and advanced analytics to help you monitor the performance of your quizzes
  • A multitude of email sending options so you can grow your email list (Use integrations like Klaviyo and Mailchimp, or send emails directly through the app)

From a price standpoint, Lantern offers a generous free plan for stores, and paid plans start at a low $19.99 a month.

Full Usage Free Plan Available + Paid Plans Starting at $19.99 up to $160
Free Trial:
App Store Rating:
Why Lantern Earns The #1 Spot:
Beautiful design, extremely easy to use, high customizability, friendly pricing

Try Lantern Product Quiz Builder Today

Shop Quiz by Revenue Hunt

Coming in at the second spot is 'Shop Quiz' app from Revenue Hunt, another great option.

The biggest difference between 'Shop Quiz' and 'Lantern' is the user experience. 'Shop Quiz' is less intuitive and has a steeper learning curve than 'Lantern'.

Additionally, for me, 'Shop Quiz' apps design feels a bit outdated when compared to the design of 'Lantern' and some of the other solutions on this list — but I’ll let you be the judge of that.

Where 'Shop Quiz' excels is its greater number of question types.

From a pricing standpoint, 'Shop Quiz' is quite fair and is on the lower end of this list with paid plans starting at $39 per month.

Capped Usage Free Plan Available + Paid Plans Starting at $39 up to $99 + $0.001 per quiz response over 1000
Free Trial:
App Store Rating:
Why Shop Quiz Earns The #2 Spot:
High customizability, several question types, friendly pricing

Quiz Kit by Presidio Creative

Third on our list is 'Quiz Kit' by Presidio Creative, another stellar option to consider.

It is easier to use than 'Shop Quiz' by RevenueHunt, but it does come at the cost. And while definitely up to par, the customizability don’t quite match Lantern's level.

Unlike many of the other solutions in this list, Quiz Kit does not offer a true free plan — so you’ll need to decide if it fits your budget before considering it. Paid plans are also quite a lot more pricy starting at $59 per month to $249+ per month.

And, integral features like "sending results via email" are gated to the $249 per month plan.

Overall, Quiz Kit is most definitely far from a bad choice, though the high feature gated and usage based pricing model isn’t quite as friendly as some of the competitor's pricing structures.

Paid Plans Starting at $59 up to $249 + $.04 per additional engagement over 5000
Free Trial:
App Store Rating:
Why Quiz Kit Earns The #3 Spot:
Beautiful design, high customizability

Octane AI Quiz

Fourth on our list is 'Octane AI Quiz', another option to consider.

Octane AI created one of the first Shopify quiz app's and has made a lot of improvements over the years. It is the most well-integrated and featured app on this list. They also provide other features such as Facebook Messenger marketing and SMS marketing too.

Unfortunately, similar to 'Shop Quiz' by Revenue Hunt, I found it was quite complicated to use. It also does not have a true free plan — so you'll need to decide if it fits your budget before considering it.

Pricing wise Octane AI Quiz is the most expensive solution, closely rivaling 'Quiz Kit'. Octane's pricing ranges from $50 to $1,500 per month.

Paid Plans Starting at $50 up to $1,500
Free Trial:
App Store Rating:
Why Octane Earns The #4 Spot:
Extremely high customizability

Product Recommendation Quiz by PreHook

Last, but not least, on our list is 'Product Recommendation Quiz' by PreHook

It is a decent option overall, but does not lead-the-pack in any of the criteria we looked at. It is on the simpler side and very easy to use, but lacks some of the deeper customizability you'll find in apps like 'Lantern' and 'Shop Quiz'.

Additionally, it lacks some of the design polish that 'Lantern' and 'Quiz Kit' have.

From a pricing side, it is right in the middle of this list. PreHook's pricing ranges from $45 up to $195. From a review rating standpoint, it is the lowest-rated apps on this list, with a 4.7/5 rating.

Very Low Capped Usage Free Plan Available + Paid Plans Starting at $45 up to $195 + $0.02 per engagement over 6000
Free Trial:
App Store Rating:
Why Prehook Earns The #5 Spot:
Simple to use

What is the best quiz app for a hair product quiz or a skin care product quiz?

The most common niche for which quiz apps are used is the beauty industry.

When it comes to product recommendation quizzes for hair and skin care products, we recommend 'Lantern' followed by 'Quiz Kit' by Presidio Creative as our #2 pick.

Both of these offer a high level of design quality which is a necessity when creating a hair product quiz or skincare product quiz.

Install the Best Product Recommendation Quiz App for Shopify

Finding the right quiz app for your Shopify store is an important decision.

When deciding a product recommendation quiz shopify app, it's a good idea to consider the criteria discussed throughout this article.

Do you need a free plan? How important is design quality or customizability to you? What price fits within your budget?

We put together this list to provide you with an overview of the 5 best Shopify quiz apps available today. Overall, our top pick is 'Lantern' for its design quality, level of customizability, and flexible pricing.

However, each of these five apps has something to offer, so make sure you evaluate the features, pricing and other factors to decide which option is right for you.

They all have free trials, so if you have the time, you can test them out and see which one best fits your requirements.

Happy quizzing!

Honorable Mentions: More Best Product Quiz Builder Apps for Your Shopify Store

There are a few other quiz apps that didn't make it to our top 5 list, but we wanted to mention them here. If any of the 5 discussed previously didn't fit your needs, you can check these out as well.

Visual Quiz Builder

Description: Custom Product Recommendation Quizzes that delight & convert. Collect zero-party data & Retarget.

Digioh Forms & Quizzes

Description: Capture first- and zero-party data with conversational forms, surveys, quizzes, preference centers, and landing pages that convert.

Typeform Quiz Creator

Description: Create an interactive quiz to generate leads or engage your audience.

Tolstoy Shoppable Video & Quiz

Description: Make your videos shoppable and create interactive videos to drive sales and increase engagement.

Quizify Quiz Builder

Description: Create product recommendation Quiz. Collect unlimited leads and increase sale by personalized result

Jebbit Quiz

Description: Jebbit is a no-code platform that lets you design and launch engaging quizzes and product recommendations without IT or engineering support.

Quizell Product Recommendation

Description: Increase sales and earn loyalty by connecting customers to products that meet their needs.

Gobot ‑ AI Chatbot + Quiz

Description: Increase conversions by helping shoppers find the right products with AI guided shopping quizzes.

ConvertFlow Quizzes & Funnels

Description: Boost revenue by launching your store’s funnel with ConvertFlow, the all-in-one funnel builder.

Please note: Information on the apps discussed is accurate at time of initially publishing this article on December 14, 2022. The most up to date information can be found on the respective apps' listings.

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