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3 Best Shopify Address Validator Apps in 2023

March 14, 2023

3 Best Shopify Address Validator Apps in 2023

In 2023 customer satisfaction is as important as ever. Customers unhappy with shipping aren’t as likely to return to an online store as 98.1% of consumers say that shipping impacts brand loyalty.

When shopping online, customers make mistakes when completing addresses at checkout. One of the solutions is to have a Shopify address validator, as this will boost customer satisfaction and prevent any losses.

Read on to find out the top three address validation apps and find the right shipping address validator that works best for your Shopify store.

What are Address Validation Apps?

A shipping address validation app prompts customers to fix shipping address typos or mistakes before an order is fulfilled. These apps allow for corrections to be made during the checkout phase reducing the frequency of failed deliveries and, ultimately, your business profits.

Mistakes happen, and the input of incorrect addresses isn't a new occurrence for most businesses. With the right shipping address validator, you can notify customers of any inaccurate addresses to ensure secure delivery to their correct shipping address.

The Benefits of Using a Shipping Address Validator

Shopify address validator apps do more than just flag up incorrect addresses, they provide your online store with other benefits, such as

  • Increase customer satisfaction: by allowing an invalid address to be corrected, the customer will receive their order and will avoid any redelivery fees.
  • Improved communication with customers: by prompting for any address problems, you'll avoid having upset customers as you've reached out to them and shown them that you care about making sure their order is fulfilled.
  • Improved data quality: a deployed shipping address validator is a great tool for ensuring data is accurate so you can send communications and packages to the correct address.
  • Saves time: when a package is sent to the wrong place, it can take some time to track it down. Usually, customers spend a lot of their time trying to get the parcel back to them, and more often than not, it costs an extra delivery fee. An app prevents the issue from getting this far, saving everyone time and effort.


These are just some of the top benefits of address validation apps. Each app will come with its own unique features.Before we tell you which apps made it into our top three, we want to tell you the criteria used in our recommendation.


How We Decided which Address Validator Shopify Apps to Recommend

There are a few features to consider when you're looking for the app that provides the best address validation. Each business will need core features or elements that resonate the most with them and their needs, and that's why we've researched for you.


We chose the top address validator Shopify apps with these topics in mind:

  • Feature-rich: we looked into apps that offer multiple well-built features, dynamic validation apps should do more than edit shipping addresses.
  • Reviews and ratings: user reviews allow us to see if the apps are easy-to-use, and reliable and let us see how well they're performing.
  • Customization: it's important that your apps allow you to create authentic features that match your brand. Consistency is key, and it's important that your online store is on-brand, so this is one of the key features we looked out for.
  • Support: errors happen, and technical issues can occur, so it's important that when they do happen, you can contact a support team to help rectify the issue. That's why we consider each app's customer support options.
  • Price: We considered the price and features offered on subscription plans.


With all of these things in mind, we created a list of the top three validation apps that are ideally suited for your Shopify store to boost customer satisfaction.

What are the Top 3 Address Validator Apps for Shopify?

Looking for the best address validator app to optimize your Shopify store is time-consuming. That's why we've researched for you. We've handpicked the top three apps that we think will help with address validation.


1. Address Validator by AppHub 

Address Validator App

Address Validator empowers customers to fix shipping address mistakes to reduce costly failed deliveries. Let the address validator work for you. Gone are the days of failed deliveries because of an invalid house number. This validator saves you on redelivery fees and decreases the number of support tickets.



  • Address error prompts.
  • The ability to fix invalid shipping addresses before order fulfillment.
  • Prevents deliveries to undeliverable addresses such as PO boxes and extra long addresses.
  • You can use tags and email notifications for orders with incorrect addresses.


Address Validator App

Download Address Validator here.

2. Address Validation iO

Address Validation iO App

This address validator seamlessly integrates into your store and offers a fully customizable front end to match the rest of your store's design. Keeping your address data quality high, you can easily validate customers' addresses after making a purchase. Additionally, save money on preventative returns and redelivery costs due to an invalid house number.


  • Supports express checkouts like Apply Pay, Google Pay, and PayPal Express.
  • Automatically tags orders.
  • Customers can validate their addresses.
  • The app's front end is multilingual and fully customizable.


Address Validation iO

Download Address Validation iO here.

3. Validar Address Validation

Validar App

Improve customer satisfaction with Validar, it checks for any shipping issues before any order is dispatched. It has the power to find the necessary data to ensure all orders are being sent to the correct place. Avoid shopping delays and returns with their worldwide database.



  • Validates addresses in a worldwide database to check for correctness.
  • You can set rules that addresses have to follow.
  • Avoids reshipping packages with problems.


Validar Pricing

Download Validar Address Validation here.

Solve Delivery Issues with the best Validation Apps

Giving your customer the power to solve delivery issues can make a huge improvement in customer loyalty and is great for increasing customer satisfaction. By avoiding any delivery problems before they occur, you show your customer that their orders matter to you.


Additionally, you should note that we picked these apps with features that matter to us, and it's important that you do the same. Consider free trials and demos to test out which applications work best for your business.


Free trials are great for finding out if the application suits your needs before you invest any money into it. Take advantage of these whenever possible. It could save you money down the line.


Each app will have a unique way of reducing delivery issues, but it's always a good idea to see what other features they have that can improve your store. Whichever app you choose, there are plenty of great options that will help with cost savings and more.


Want to learn more about our other top Shopify app top picks? We've got useful lists for the best upsell apps, best affiliate apps, best subscription apps, and how to set up Shopify upsells at checkout.

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