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7 Best In Cart Upsell Apps for Shopify

7 Best In Cart Upsell Apps for Shopify

Cart upsells are a powerful tool for Shopify store owners. They allow you to optimize your cart process and increase the average order value of each sale. By offering customers relevant, additional items that complement their purchase, Shopify store owners can capitalize on sales opportunities while providing customers with a more complete shopping experience.

Additionally, in-cart upsells are an effective way for Shopify store owners to increase revenue without significantly changing their workflow. By using one of the many in-cart upsell apps available, you can easily implement an upsell strategy and start taking advantage of these additional sales opportunities.

What is a Shopify Cart Upsell App?

An in-cart upsell is a sales tactic that promotes additional related items to customers on the cart page. For example, if a customer adds a pair of shoes to their cart, you could offer them an upsell for a matching pair of socks or other accessories at a discounted rate. By introducing your products in context with the item already in the cart, an in-cart upsell can help increase the average order value and boost sales.

The 7 Best In Cart Upsell Apps for Shopify can help you get the most out of your in-cart upsells. With a variety of features and customizations, these apps can help you tailor in-cart upsells to fit your store’s unique needs. From product recommendations to discounts, the right in-cart upsell app can help you make the most of your cart experience. With these apps, you can start increasing sales and optimizing your cart for maximum efficiency.

How We Decided The Top In Cart Upsell Shopify Apps?

When looking for the best in-cart upsell apps, there are hundreds of factors that can determine what is truly the "best". We considered five core criteria.

  • Feature rich: We looked for apps that offer a wide variety of features.
  • Customization: We wanted to make sure the apps were customizable enough to match your store’s design.
  • Price: We took into account both one-time fees as well as subscription plans when evaluating pricing.
  • User reviews: We looked at user feedback to make sure the apps were reliable and easy-to-use.
  • Support: We considered each app’s customer support options to ensure users could get help when they needed it.

In the end, we created a list of seven top in cart upsell apps that are ideally suited to help Shopify store owners increase their average order value and boost sales. Read on to learn more about each app and find out which one is right for you.

What Are The 7 Top Shopify In Cart Upsell Apps For Shopify?

1. UpCart

UpCart App

UpCart is an in-cart upsell app designed to help Shopify store owners lift their average order value and boost profitability. It helps you convert a regular unoptimized cart page to a hyper-optimized sliding cart drawer in under 5 minutes.

Cart upsells are only one component of UpCart's cart optimization feature set. With UpCart, you can do so much more!

  • Add in-cart upselling and cross-selling blocks to boost your AOV.
  • Show a free shipping bar or discount promotion bar to incentivize adding items.
  • Let customers know more about your brand/share updates via cart announcements.
  • Create an Add-On option for shipping insurance or other products of your choice.
  • Improve the view cart button's visibility with a sticky cart button.

UpCart Example

With features such as custom product recommendations, discounts, and advanced targeting options, UpCart allows store owners to tailor their in-cart upsells for maximum efficiency.

That's why there are stores making $5,000+ per month in extra revenue while only paying $14.99/month for the app!

UpCart Sales

While we did build UpCart ourselves, we believe it deserves the number one spot for a couple of reasons:

  • UpCart is the top #1 ranked app in the Shopify App Store in the Cart Upsells and Cart Drawer categories.
  • UpCart is the only cart upsell app with a perfect 5/5 rating on the Shopify App Store.
  • UpCart has an experienced technical customer support team which understands ecommerce and can help you build out a perfect cart that matches your brand (can help with HTML and CSS customizations if needed).
  • UpCart has all the features you need to build an optimal cart, and new innovative features are actively being introduced.
  • UpCart is fairly priced and has a positive ROI guarantee.


UpCart Pricing

Try UpCart Today (7-Day Free Trial)

2. In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell

In Cart Upsell

In Cart Upsell & Cross Sell is another in-cart upselling app that helps Shopify store owners get more revenue from their customers. The app allows you to easily create and customize dynamic product recommendations, discounts, and promotions directly in your own sliding cart or cart page.

The app does have a bit of loading time when you proceed to cart. The cart page itself loads before the upsell widgets appear giving the cart a bit of an unprofessional feeling. Some of the negative reviews on the app state that the support can be unresponsive at times, however these reviews are a bit older indicating that the company may have addressed these issues.

Overall though, this is a top pick as the feature offering is thorough and the pricing is quite reasonable.


  • AI Autosuggest - Automatically recommend the product your shopper will likely buy
  • Customer Tags - Show or hide up-sells and cross sells based on a customer's tags
  • Discounts - Apply a discount or BOGO offer. Works natively with Shopifys feature
  • Advanced Targeting - Target based on location, cart content, or order amount
  • A/B Testing Built In - Create 2 versions of upsells & offers will send to winner


In Cart Upsell Pricing

3. Amote


Amote is an in-cart upsell and cross-sell solution for Shopify. It works by showing product recommendations within the bottom of the cart page, allowing store owners to increase average order value and sales. It also allows for the addition of other widgets such as review testimonials.

It does leave out some features that the other apps like "UpCart" and "In Cart Upsell" have, such as the ability to create a sliding cart drawer and AI-based rules for product recommendations. The app does take a percentage of sales, which can end being more expensive than other options.


  • Personalize quote in Cart page to attract visitor's visibility & upsell in-cart
  • Provide a rich library of customizable contents to fit every product category
  • Apply color, theme to build a professional look & feel fits your brand perfectly
  • Easy to configure. Manage everything within Shopify admin in a native experience


Amote Pricing

4. Monster Upsells

Monster Upsells

Monster Upsells is a cart builder app that allows store owners to increase their average order value with a customized sliding cart. It works by showing personalized product recommendations on the cart page. It is quite similar to "UpCart" and "In Cart Upsell" in its feature set, however where it mainly differs is in it's unique design. Monster's design is quite eccentric with lots of bold shapes and colors. While this can be customized with some work, the default version may not be desirable for all brands.


  • Add To Unlock Progress Bar with Free Gift, Discounts and Free Shipping
  • One Tick Upsell Offers for Shipping Protection, Priority Processing, Warranties
  • Buy More Save More product tiered discounts
  • Frequently Bought Together with Shopify Machine learning or manual selection


Monster Upsells Pricing

5. Slide Cart by TCC

Slide Cart

Slide Cart by TCC is a cart builder that allows store owners to increase their average order value by creating a sliding cart drawer. This app also has detailed analytics, A/B testing capabilities, and dynamic product recommendations. It is a solid option and the default design can fit a variety of brands. The user experience of customizing the cart can be a bit complex though as there are many options to choose from. This app also has the most expensive starting price, with its base price for Cart Upsells starting at $19.99.


  • Cart Upsell & Cross Sell: Suggest additional items in the shopping cart
  • Rewards: Motivate your customers to spend more and hit spending goals
  • Announcement bar: Engage with your customers using announcements in your cart.
  • Discount Box: Allows users to apply coupon codes directly in cart
  • Floating Cart Icon: Enables Icon that remains fixed to the users browser window


Slide Cart Pricing

6. Monk Cart

Monk Cart

Monk Cart helps your store drive incremental sales with the goal of providing a measurable ROI. Use the app, you can show all kinds of offers, recommendations & nudges across the buying journey. This includes the cart page as well as other pages like the product page and checkout page. While a breadth of features can be good, Monk has a few less features for the cart page when compared to some of the previously discussed apps.


  • Improve cart’s conversion by combining cart upsells with a tiered progress bar
  • Offer gifts with the purchase of specific products, quantities, cart values etc
  • Set-up upsells, cross sells & bundles across the entire buying journey
  • Customize the design & user experience of widgets/popups exactly as you want
  • Instant, high quality, round the clock chat & email support


Monk Cart Pricing

7. iCart


iCart is an all in one upselling and cross-selling solution for offering upsell discounts and product recommendations with free shipping in cart drawer and on cart page. It's features are similar to some of the other apps mentioned, and it stands out for its ease of use. It ranks lower on the list though due to it's design. When using the app, the look and feel is a bit outdated compared to some of the other apps on this list.


  • Fully customizable drag and drop page builder to best fit with your stores theme
  • Upsell & Cross-sell triggers like user location, specific date range, tags, URLs
  • Set up cart sum, cart items, collections, no. of items in rules to show upsells
  • Saving amount label and discount labels in cart upsell and cross sell products
  • Shipping calculator that let customers check shipping rates in cart drawer/page


iCart Pricing

Choosing The Best Shopify Cart Drawer Builder and Cart Upselling & Cross Selling App

The best cart drawer builder and upselling & cross selling app for Shopify will depend on your individual needs. Think about the features you need, design requirements and budget before making a decision. Consider free trials or demos of the apps to get a better understanding of how the features work in practice. No matter which app you choose, these are great options to help increase average order value and create more customer satisfaction.

With the right Shopify cart drawer builder and upsell & cross-sell app, you can boost your average order value, drive sales and ultimately improve customer satisfaction. The 7 apps discussed here offer a wide range of features and price points, so consider your requirements before making a selection. With the right app in place, you can be well on your way to increased revenue for your store.

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