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3 Best Post Purchase Survey Apps for Shopify in 2023

July 29, 2023

3 Best Post Purchase Survey Apps for Shopify in 2023

Customer feedback is essential for the growth of any business, especially for an ecommerce business. Usually, when you've delivered excellent service, a customer won't tell you about it. However, if the buying process hasn't been smooth sailing, you'll usually hear about it.

How do you find out if what you're doing works? The answer is simple, customer satisfaction surveys. Customer feedback can help you optimize and tailor your marketing campaigns using valuable survey feedback.

If you're a busy entrepreneur running an ecommerce business creating your own survey and organizing poll data can take up a lot of time, and that's where a Shopify survey app can help you.

In this article, you'll learn about Shopify survey apps and how to use them to increase customer loyalty, and we’ve hand-picked the three best survey apps for you.

What is a Post Purchase Survey App?

Before we answer what a post purchase survey app is, let's explore the purpose of customer surveys. Post purchase surveys are questions you ask customers after they've purchased from your Shopify store.

Customer surveys allow you to:

  • Understand customers: each buyer's journey is different, and by understanding different experiences through specific open-ended questions, you see how customers positively or negatively interact with your online store. From this, you can begin to craft a more positive experience.
  • Identify customer satisfaction scores: use these results to identify patterns to help inform future decision-making and gives you a goal to work towards.
  • Retain customers: happy customers mean loyal customers. Customers love seeing that you value their feedback and have used it to enhance their shopping experience and improve your store.
  • Customer insights: survey results allow you to see what your customers think, so you can work out what areas of your Shopify store you need to improve. Surveys are a great way to track the changes you make, including specific questions related to the changes you've made will help you know if they're working.

A customer survey can come in different formats; for example, you can send out an email survey to your email subscribers and obtain opinions on existing products. You can also have on-site surveys on your order status page to collect information.

Shopify survey apps can help you with all of the above. A post purchase survey app makes the whole process of receiving customer feedback easier. The right app will automate the process as much as possible and provide all the information you need to propel your marketing campaigns.

We've made a list of the best Shopify survey apps to use, but before we explore the top three, we want you to know how we decided.

How were the Top Post Purchase Shopify Survey Apps Chosen?

The more effective surveys will help you reach your customer base and allow you to use your customer experience to attract more potential customers and make your Shopify store the best it can be.

We chose the best apps for post purchase surveys with the following criteria:

  • Key features: we considered survey apps that offer multiple features to help you discover your happy customers and increase overall customer engagement.
  • Ratings: user reviews are a great indicator of an app's useability. Positive feedback from real-life users tells us how an app provides valuable insights.
  • Support: an app is only as strong as its support team. Knowing you'll have all the help you need if errors occur.
  • Price: we made sure to look at what pricing options are available so that you can make the most of your purchase.

Finding you the best survey apps for Shopify is a top priority for us, and we searched wide and far across multiple Shopify apps and found the top three customer survey apps.

What are the Best Shopify Survey Apps?

1. KnoCommerce

Kno App

KnoCommerce's post-purchase surveys help scale your ads and business growth with powerful analytics. This post-purchase survey platform enables you to gain insights into who your customers are and why they're buying.

Key Features

  • Survey templates that power a multitude of survey responses.
  • You can integrate the app with Peel, Klaviyo, Triple Whale, and more.
  • Sophisticated logic flows and suggestions to encourage customers for deeper engagement.
  • Use audiences and templates based on survey and order data for customer cohorts.
  • Benchmarking and attribution modeling for understanding ad performance.


Kno Price

2. Fairing

Fairing App

Fairing helps you gain post purchase survey data integrated with your marketing stack. This survey app powers actionable insights from customer feedback with a deployed programmable timeline of post-survey questions.

Key Features

  • Tie customer survey responses to the customer and order record.
  • Dozens of integrations are available to route survey data to your marketing stack.
  • Target individual questions to audience types.
  • Build a proprietary zero-party data set directly from your customers.
  • Launch popular questions with one click.


Fairing Price

3. UserLoop

UserLoop App

UserLoop helps you discover your most profitable marketing channels with surveys at every step of your store's experience. With UserLoop, you can survey customers at checkout, when they abandon cart, upon delivery and more. Also, UserLoop has OpenAI ChatGPT built right in to help you write best-practice survey questions, and to analyze customer responses.

Key Features

  • Choose from multiple-choice, open-ended, date, or video questions.
  • Survey customers at checkout, by email, or by link.
  • Export response data to CSV or tools.
  • Link survey responses to order data.
  • OpenAI ChatGPT integration.


Start Using Customer Satisfaction Surveys to Create Loyal Customers

Customer surveys are the key to discovering and improving your customer satisfaction score. Save yourself time and energy by using one of our chosen best survey apps to find out what your customers need from you.

We have some additional tips to help you on your survey journey:

  • Be creative: you can send out surveys with open-ended questions, which works, but you can also get emoji feedback to save your customer time.
  • Offer coupons: sometimes, the customer needs a little encouragement to give feedback. Customers love a discount, and rewarding them to complete a survey can increase customer satisfaction.

You're ready to start using the best survey app! Want to learn more ways you can attract new customers? We've got valuable articles on the best address validator apps, adding related products to your product page, and how to set up Shopify upsells at checkout.

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