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Integrate Nosto with AfterSell to further personalize your offers.

About Nosto

Nosto empowers ecommerce businesses to build and launch personalized experiences in minutes. Using customer data along with product attributes and performance metrics, Nosto gives brands and online retailers the ability to create fully dynamic shopping experiences that lead to more engagement, higher conversion rates, a larger ROAS, and more revenue overall.

AfterSell Integration for Nosto

Show highly personalized AI recommended offers on the post purchase page using Nosto’s recommendation algorithms. Improve post purchase upsell conversion rates and speed up funnel creation for stores with larger SKU counts.

  • Increase average order value with no compromise on customization.
  • Create highly tailored offer pages with full access to AI recommendations.
  • Provide an extremely personalized experience for customers in less than 5 minutes of setup time.
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