The Challenge

Rising ad costs!

With over 80,000 loyal customers and 1000 5-star reviews, this watch brand had made a name for itself. They became experts in converting paid traffic to purchases with many customers coming back and buying watches, bracelets, and more for their friends and family!

However, the cost of paid ads has been steadily rising over the last few years which meant trouble for this watch brand. They needed to get more for every dollar in ad spend.

“We had done a good job of converting paid traffic into customers. But this traffic was starting to get more expensive every year and we were looking at the trend, scratching our heads and looking for any way to make ad channels viable and sustainable by increasing our revenue per customer.”

The Solution

AfterSell’s precise targeting and post purchase offers!

With their pre-existing system, this watch brand had figured out which combinations of products go well together, and they had created pairings that they wanted to show customers.

“With AfterSell, we set up 10 funnels targeting each category of product we offer with complementary products and an offer people just couldn’t turn down. The results exceeded our expectations!”

Initially, this watch brand saw a conversion rate on their offers of 16%.

Using AfterSell’s A/B testing and some edits to the offer page design, they were able to grow that conversion rate to 21%. This watch brand now had a system where they were able to double the the cart value on 21% of customers that went through the checkout.

We’re still working with the team to help offer more industry specific insights to increase the conversion rate with better targeting and further testing. We expect to see their post purchase revenues skyrocket even more!

The Results

  • 21% conversion rate
  • +$100,000 in additional revenue