The Challenge

Product awareness!

For a major supplements brand, product awareness and education is a core part of their strategy. Strong product awareness leads to repeat purchases and an increase in subscriptions.

However, for this brand, product awareness was proving to be a challenge since their product line involves educating customers on the implications of the mitochondrial theory of aging. Don’t know what that means? Me neither!

But, what we did know was that this brand was great at marketing their products and helping their customers understand what their products do. They needed a place to do this where the customer wouldn’t get overloaded with information.

“We have so many products and we needed to find a new place for our customers to discover and purchase these products. We didn’t want to annoy our customers with information while they’re trying to buy something.”

The Solution

AfterSell. AfterSell. AfterSell.

Where better than AfterSell to show offers for product awareness? It’s after the purchase and with the offer page customizations, you can educate customers — precisely what this supplements brand needed.

“We went with AfterSell because it’s the perfect place to put this content and the customization features for the offer page are perfect.”

This supplements brand has made over $150,000 in additional revenue using AfterSell and is growing more every single day.

The AfterSell team is actively offering support to test more offer types such as multi-product offers and content with thank you page widgets.

The Results

  • 11% conversion rate
  • +$150,000 in additional revenue