The Challenge

Increasing the value of each customer!

To increase the cart value of each customer, this shoe brand was using upsells. However, they started to notice that these upsells weren’t performing that well and there was an increase in abandoned carts.

Alongside this, they wanted to drive more signups to their online community which was a great source of repeat purchases. Since launching this community, the signups had slowed down.

“We were in a weird spot. Upsells weren’t working and the idea behind the community was to increase how valuable every customer purchase would be to us. Both hypotheses were failing.”

The Solution

AfterSell’s post purchase offers and thank you page content!

Although pre-purchase upsells can work great in some cases (see UpCart by Beam), high converting upsells are generally done post purchase. This is when the customer has the highest level of trust with the brand and most likely to accept the messaging they’re presented with.

With AfterSell, this shoe brand started to see very different results, quickly! Within a week of setting up AfterSell, they had started to see a conversion rate of 15%.

Alongside this, we helped them setup thank you page content where they could drive customers to their community. They were able to sign up 20% of their purchases to their community. This gave them the ability to have a predictable, scalable, and effective channel to drive community signups.

“AfterSell is an incredible app! The upsells are perfectly timed and the thank you page content drove us hundreds of community signups which turned into sales later.”

We’re working on more ways to increase upsell conversion rates and community signups. We expect to see even better results for this shoe brand!

The Results

  • 15% conversion rate
  • 1000+ ADDITIONAL pairs of shoes sold
  • 200+ extra community signups